Percival "Percy" Hubert Hubbard's great-grandson brought this certificate in after it came to him from a family member. It was said to be hanging on his great-aunt's wall for her lifetime. Percy was born in Leicester, England  in 1894, making him in him early twenties when he began his training at Trentham Camp, Wellington. He was working in Eketahuna at that time as a farm hand. He served overseas with the New Zealand Field Artillery, at first in the 12th Reinforcements, later in the 13th Reinforcements. He also served in the Ammunition Column as a driver during the war. Kenneth Hubbard, his son, passed down a story from the war about Percy. After being wounded in the hand during combat, he packed mud into the wound to avoid losing too much blood on the way to the clearing station. Family lore dictates he served in the Home Guard during WWII. 

These certificates are filled with symbolism, also seen in the patriotic posters used throughout the war. The lion is Britain, while the cubs represent all the colonies who came to her aid. They watch over the body of a dead eagle, the longstanding symbol of Germany. Britannia (with her trident to signify naval supremacy) and the goodly Kiwi soldier stand together amongst the flowers of peace while the soldier signs New Zealand to the ledger as if to say, "We've done our bit."